This year, the season of Advent begins on November 29th and ends on Christmas Eve. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word “adventus” meaning “coming” or “visit.” Hence, the season celebrating the “waiting for Jesus to come” is called Advent.

During Advent, we prepare for, and anticipate, the coming of Christ. We remember the longing of Jews for a Messiah and our own longing for, and need of, forgiveness, salvation and a new beginning. God entered our world, not as a conqueror but an infant, demonstrating the depth of God’s love — and a radical vision of peace and love — for all creation.

Weekly Themes:

Each week during worship service, a different theme is focused upon.


Advent Color:

Even though the traditional colors of the Christmas season appears to be red and green, the church’s Advent color is Purple. The color purple represents royalty and penitence.

Advent Wreath with Christ Candle

Advent Wreath:

One of the major symbols during the Advent season is the Advent Wreath. The Advent wreath is shaped in a perfect circle to symbolize the eternity of God. There are four candles on the wreath made of evergreen. The three purple candles and one pink candle are placed at the four points of the circle, while a larger white candle is placed in the middle and is called the Christ candle. During each Sunday of the Advent season, we light the candle representing the theme of the week along with all the previous weeks’ candles. The Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve reminding Christians that Jesus is the light of the world. The wreath continually reminds us of whom we are called to be: followers of Jesus.